Movie Review: The Rocker

Posted by Des Animaux on Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rocker tells the story of an extremely dedicated drummer, Robert "Fish" Fishman for the 80's band - Versuvious, who at that time is silently climbing to fame but was unexpectedly and unknowingly kicked out of the band. Twenty years after that incident, "Fish", who was about to give up his fanstasies are given a chance to play with his nephew's band thus giving him a chance to stand up and climb back to the rock and roll world together with his younger colleagues for the thrill of their life.

Major Casts:
Rainn Wilson - Robert "Fish" Fishman
Christina Applegate - Kim
Teddy Geiger - Curtis
Josh Gad - Matt Gadman
Emma Stone - Amelia

Author's Review:

Not a bad movie but there are a few quirks and a little out of places stuffs but is later recovered by the later part of the movie. Robert's bad ass attitude is somewhat a little overacting but maybe for the reason that he is just making up for the lost time to enjoy his supposed-to-be life from his long-lost career . Christina Applegate seems like too hot to be a mom but nevertheless she's a very cool mom. Emma is sexy, hot and cute as a punk gir in this movie. This movie is not that great but definitely not boring either. It's interesting and fun. It did make my night.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Tadaima! Welcome!

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Welcome to this blog. This is another part of my multi-blogging project - aside from my blog "Views in my Head". So here it goes:

I love to watch movies (especially those that downloaded ones from aXXo - thanks aXXo for the quality movies). I also do have habit of watching anime movies and do series-marathons making me forget myself - literally. I am also into books (yet I am picky on books to read) in my early days but now I rarely have time to finish one so I hope by this I can commit myself more time to books.

Well, I just wanted to share my passion and love, criticism and point of views to these stuffs so that's one of the reason for me creating this blog. I'll be putting my reviews about them - movies, books and anime-related stuffs that I read/watched/encounter. If it also applies, I'll include some updates and news also related to those said stuffs.

Hope that I could update this blog as often as time permits me. So that should be for now. Until my next post.

Ja Mata Ne!

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